About HoundExpress

We are a unique point of contact for customs and logistics solutions for national and international companies offering a diverse portfolio of services: cross border, fulfillment, last mile delivery, ocean, air and ground freight, import and export, PO Box.

We deliver all of our services on self-made cutting-edge technology so our clients can have a continuous control of their operation.

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Add value to the supply chain of our clients, optimizing their logistics processes with a deep know how of customs and technology.

Be a unique point of contact for customs, logistics and international trade for foreign and national companies.


Become an important national and international player for logistics and customs impacting: ecommerce, freight forwarding and delivery services.

19,470,181 processed parcels in 2021

Less than 5 day delivery in Mexico



110 professionals in Mexico and USA


Daily processing capacity 150,000 parcels

NPS 93%


Efficiency Our resources are managed in a disciplined way to have outstanding results, we search for continuous improvement creating sustainable competitive advantages.
Service We identify the market necessities and create processes and solutions focused on our clients
Confidence We fulfill our promises and expect the best of our stakeholders.
Human Sense Day to day we work with respect, humbleness and equality with collaborators, customers and service providers to achieve our goals.
Boldness An optimist and long term vision to reach our objectives.
Fairness We work with justness and equality with all our stakeholders.


Flexibility We adapt to your necessities, our deep industry knowledge team can create personalized solutions.
Technology Our technology tools allow you to manage all your business information in a single point.
Agility We have fast processes based on technology that allow your cargo to be delivered quickly.
Support Constant attention to quickly solve any situation.
Customer Care We designed a single point of contact methodology to be always available for you.
Perseverance A daily effort where hope and commitment meet, it is usually reflected in the long term.