By agreeing to the use of the HOUNDEX AND/OR MASTIFF Import Services, offered through the HoundBox product, the registered user is subject to these terms and conditions of service. HOUNDEX AND/OR MASTIFF reserves the right to unilaterally modify these terms and conditions of service, in whole or in part, at any time and without prior notice. Contracting the services after such modifications implies their full acceptance.

A. Glossary - For the purposes hereto, the following concepts and meanings are defined below:

A.1 Customer: Individual or corporation who hires the SERVICES through the WEBSITE.

A.2 Customs Clearance T1: It is the simplified process of importing personal goods with an invoice value of up to $ 1,000.00 USD, used by courier and parcel companies, which is not tax deductible.

A.3 Shipping: Letter post or package that will be transported and delivered to the address entered by the registered user for such purposes.

A.5 Courier and Parcel Services: Courier and parcel services within the Mexican Republic according to the contracted service.

A.6 Services: Reception and storage of goods services abroad, as well as their import to Mexico by a simplified route, and courier and parcel services in Mexico.

A.7 Website: https://www.hound-box.com, where our SERVICES are advertised.

A.8 Prohibited or Restricted Items: Goods or merchandise prohibited or restricted by law, IATA (International Air Transport Association) or similar international organizations, as well as by General Rules of Foreign Trade that apply.


B.1 Simplified Import Services T1: Reception, inspection, import and final delivery of goods to Mexico through a simplified request T1, which is exclusive for personal consumer goods and not for marketing goods (non-tax deductible request for exclusive use of courier and parcel companies).

B.2 Registration Number: upon registering on the website and accepting the terms and conditions, the customer will receive a personal identification number to identify the packages that will be received at the appropriate address abroad.

B.3 Parcel Receipt Process: The customer purchases a product on international websites, and gives our address abroad to the seller in order for us to receive the shipment and then match it with the customer’s personal identification number (it is essential that the customer includes his identification number in the shipments). The customer must register the data of the shipment on the WEBSITE which we’ll receive through his account (the tracking number with which the package will be received and invoice value)

B4 Import process: The shipment, previously registered on the WEBSITE by the customer, will be received by us abroad. If there is an invoice, the complete operation is registered immediately, otherwise the Customer will be asked for proof of purchase to update the operation in our system.

As soon as it is completed, the import charge will be made through the payment method linked to the account.

The import process will begin upon payment of the service and at the time the system releases the operation (customs clearance can last from 24 to 48 hours and the transport in Mexico will be from 2 to 5 business days).

The goods import will be done exclusively when the operations are fully paid.

B.3 Payment Method: The CUSTOMER may pay by credit or debit card or through PayPal.

B.4 Tax Payment: The general import tax rate for international parcels applicable to goods imported by means of a key request T1, according to the value of the goods is as follows:

0.01 to 50.00 Tax free
50.01 to 1000.00 Tax Payment of 16.00%
250.01 USD to 1,000.00 Tax Payment of 16.00%
More than 1,000.00 Contact us at houndbox@hound-express.com so we can give you the appropriate import solution.


C.1 Prices: The SERVICES will be provided when making the paying corresponding to the type of the current service at the time of contracting it, in accordance with the rates published on the WEBSITE. Prices are in USA dollars.

C.2 Billing: The relevant invoice issued by Hound Express, LLC., a USA company, will be sent to the CUSTOMER electronically for the Services acquired.

C.3 General Conditions of the Courier and Parcel Service: The Customer acknowledges and agrees that the first logistic section of the goods shipment from the supplier’s warehouse abroad where his merchandise is received to provide the Service constitutes an independent service, so by accepting the terms and conditions of the service the customer assumes any type of liability related to that first part of the shipment, and releases HOUNDEX AND/OR MASTIFF from all liability.

HOUNDEX AND/OR MASTIFF is liable when the internal system records a new operation, or when it receives the goods, as long as all the information necessary to process the service is available.

HOUNDEX AND/OR MASTIFF may on its behalf or through third parties provide courier and parcel services to deliver imported goods in Mexico. The courier and parcel service in Mexico is a ground service with a delivery warranty from 48 to 120 business hours after it has been cleared in Mexican customs.

CUSTOMERS may check on the development of their SHIPMENT transportation process from its arrival to the warehouse in Laredo, Texas, upon receiving the receipt notice by email, until they are tracked and located once the customs clearance process in Mexico has been completed and until the delivery confirmation of each of them on site.

C.4. Liability Restrictions: HOUNDEX AND/OR MASTIFF assumes a maximum liability for total loss, damage or impairment to the SHIPPING, according to a proven attributable reason to the company, for a monetary amount not exceeding the equivalent of 30 (thirty) times the current minimum wage in Mexico City, on the date the SHIPPING was received and documented. In any case, when submitting a claim, the CUSTOMER must show the commercial value of the loss or repair.

The PARTIES hereto agree that in cases of loss, damage or delay of the SHIPMENTS, regardless of the originating cause, HOUNDEX AND/OR MASTIFF will not be liable for direct, indirect, consequential or punitive damages that the CUSTOMER, the RECIPIENT or any third party may suffer, including without limitation, loss of sale, profit, interest, earnings, marketing, production line holding, among others.

HOUNDEX AND/OR MASTIFF will not be held liable for the loss, damage, defective delivery, delayed delivery or non-delivery of any SHIPPING, nor for non-compliance of any obligation hereby, resulting from:

o Unforeseeable circumstance or force majeure

o Laws and regulations of any authority.

o Incorrect or incomplete address information of the RECIPIENT.

o Electrical or magnetic damage, deletion or any other damage to electronic, photographic images or files stored on magnetic media of any kind.

o Failure to receive the delivery at the DESTINATION due to absence or refused delivery.

o Failure to receive the delivery at the DESTINATION due to absence or refused delivery.

o Blockades, demonstrations, or public safety threats on route.

o Insufficient or inappropriate packaging.

In the event that the SHIPMENT is stolen from HOUNDEX AND/OR MASTIFF, either directly, or from any third party who also provides the service, we are obliged to contact the CUSTOMER in a period no longer than five business days and to inform in writing within a period not exceeding seven business days. Likewise, the report from the Public Prosecutors Office will be given to the CUSTOMER as soon as possible, for legal purposes, provided that the incident occurs inside the Mexican Republic.

C.5. Optional Insurance: HOUNDEX AND/OR MASTIFF will offer the CUSTOMER the option of contracting an insurance that covers the total loss, damage or impairment to the SHIPMENTS for an amount equivalent to the commercial value thereof. In case of an accident, damages will be covered in accordance with the insurance purchased, which may be requested at the time of contracting the SERVICE, prior payment of the corresponding premium according to the rates in force, under the terms and conditions of the optional transport insurance.

In the event that the CUSTOMER requests to hire the optional transport insurance, he/she will be subject to the following general conditions:

o Insured amount: The CUSTOMER must declare the commercial value of the goods to be transported, i.e. the sum equivalent to the maximum amount the Insurer is obliged to pay. In case of accident, the value thereof must be shown.

o Maximum Liability Limit: Up to $ 100,000.00 (One hundred thousand Mexican pesos 00/100 M.N) per SHIPPING. If the value is higher, prior written acceptance of HOUNDEX AND/OR MASTIFF will be required.

o Coverage: Total or partial theft, loss, damage.

o Insurable goods: Movable goods (new and used) in trade. Prohibited or restricted items, as well as documents are not insurable. Used Goods may be insured at their replacement value, less their depreciation for use or obsolescence.

o Premium: USD 0.80 for each USD 55 in invoice value.

o Deductible: A 25% deductible may be applied on the invoice value and 3% for covered basic risks, insured with a minimum amount equivalent to 30 times the current minimum wage in Mexico City.

o Salvage: in case of claims for damage where 100% of the goods value is compensated, the customer will be required to return the damaged items (Salvages) to HOUNDEX AND/OR MASTIFF, in order to be able to receive the compensation.

o Claim: In case of loss or damage of the insured SHIPPING, the CUSTOMER must inform HOUNDEX AND/OR MASTIFF and submit his claim in writing within 10 calendar days from the date on which the CUSTOMER submitted his shipment in HOUNDEX AND/OR MASTIFF for transport and delivery at the address of the RECIPIENT. THE CUSTOMER must submit a letter of claim indicating date, amount claimed, goods and corresponding TRACKING number: the original purchase invoice of the corresponding TRACKING number, invoice of the insured good,

o Damage Estimate. The Insurer has the right to request additional information.

o Insurance does not apply if the packaging and/or assembly is insufficient and/or not suitable to protect, transport and/or store the goods, in accordance with the manufacturer's standards and international standards, including recommendations for loading, unloading and stowage.

o The claims that the CUSTOMER deems necessary to submit will be directed to HOUNDEX AND/OR MASTIFF, who will deliver the loss or damage notice to the insurer and will provide the necessary assistance the CUSTOMER reasonably requires until the recovery of the insured sum.

C.6. Account Cancellation: THE CUSTOMER may cancel his/her account at any time by sending an email to houndbox@hound-express.com

Likewise, HOUNDEX AND/OR MASTIFF may cancel the CUSTOMER’s account at any time without prior notification in the following cases:

o Credit Card Fraud

o Generation of chargebacks with a financial institution for Shipments delivered in Mexico in the time established in the description of the Service.

o Generation of chargebacks with a financial institution for Shipments delivered in Mexico in the time established in the description of the Service.

C.7. Goods Excluded from the Courier Goods Import Service to the Mexican Republic: The following are mentioned, including without limitation:

o Flammable and/or corrosive substances or materials of a hazardous nature, such as: oil, gas and fuels

o Flammable and/or corrosive substances or materials of a hazardous nature, such as: oil, gas and fuels

o Glass or crystal in all its forms

o Counterfeit merchandise (piracy)

o Pornography, obscene or offensive materials

o Products of foreign origin without an import request (Smuggling)

o Animal fur and leather

o Firearms, cartridges, explosives

o Containers

o Live or dead plants, vegetables and animals

o Jewelry, cash and securities, precious and semi-precious metals (such as gold, silver, bronze, copper, platinum)

o Steel rod for construction

o Jute, cotton, copra, fishmeal

o Controlled and/or restricted circulation medications

o Narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances (basic chemical and chemical precursors)

o Laboratory samples (toxic, dangerous or special handling)

o Magnetic or radioactive objects

o Oxidizing materials

o Toxic items, irritating materials and infectious substances

o Works of art, antiques, articles of difficult replacement

o Cars and trucks

o Negotiable instruments or securities (credit cards, prepaid cards, lottery tickets, instant lottery, nominal value of securities and negotiable documents)

o Scrap

o Damaged merchandise

o Samples

o Cigarettes, cigars, tobacco

o Wines, liquors and beer

o In addition to all articles restricted by laws, regulations of authorities and the International Air Transport Association (IATA)