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Our system operates through the integration of various delivery partners in order to provide them with a better service, hence the concept of DeliveryPartner (DP) was born.

In such a way that in case of requiring a more economical service, a faster one, one with a greater load, etc. We can make the assignment of a partner that meets the characteristics that each client requires.

If the challenge is that your organization requires B2B connectivity from its own systems,

The HoundExpress API© is the answer.

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    We have a series of APIs to integrate your systems and those of HoundExpress©

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    Simple to use so you can be in control of your operation

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    Creation of your orders until your information is consulted within the HoundExpress© systems.

Register and trade through our mobile tools.

Sabueso Móvil©

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For our deliveryPartners we have developed: Mobile Hound ©. A tool that, through an application for smartphones, provides you with a system with a series of operations for the logistics and operational platform of your organization. Without the need for your organization to have to make a large investment in the development of these systems.


Generate your own labels with our platform automatically and professionally.

Control of deliveries and deliveries

Quote, package tracking and courier location


Master, House

Register of Master, House and warehouse control to be in constant monitoring of the goods, in order to avoid delays.


We implement GPS tracking on cell phones through mobile hound, in this way you increase the productivity of your collaborators and improve customer service.

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