Solutions for international ecommerce

Hound Express has comprehensive solutions for the export, import and distribution of E-Commerce material to Mexico.

It is in the domain of customs processes where the success of an international E-Commerce operation lies, and it is in this area where the Hound Express team offers a unique competitive advantage, by carrying out customs processes of this nature in a way direct, fast and efficient.

International Courier / Import and export

Collection anywhere in the world for envelopes or packages, from 1 kg. Up to 69 kg per piece.

Their characteristics are:

  • • Air service
  • • Ground service
  • • Speed

Customs Solutions & Crossborder

Customs points are essential in any international logistics chain. Hound Express offers customs clearance services for both import and export merchandise at the most important entry and exit points in Mexico by controlling the operational process at any stage, which offers benefits to customers in terms of better transit times. , greater productivity and profitability for your business.

Freight Forwarder

The best prices and routes for land, air or sea transport.

With coverage in Mexico, Canada, USA. Offering full unit services (FTL) or consolidated service (LTL).

We are IATA Agents for Air transport.

Storage and other services

We have safekeeping warehouses, with the capacity to house more than 200,000 packages.

We offer Picking and Packing service, which can be managed from our SABUESO system.

Parcel and Messenger service

International parcel delivery with HE is easy.

Either by land, through our location on the US-Mexico border or by air, receiving and sending your packages anywhere in the world.


P.Box is the best option to make your purchases anywhere in the world that do not send to Mexico, but to the United States and receive them at your home in Mexico in an easy, practical and safe way. With P.Box you get an address in the United States so that you can buy directly online at your favorite stores at the best prices without leaving Mexico.