About HoundExpress, your best ally

HoundExpress offers the international market actor in a single point of sale, solutions to their logistics, customs and national and international distribution needs, complying with the requirements to satisfy the B2C and B2B needs in Mexico.


Due to the demand to find in a single commercial ally, solutions to meet the logistics and customs requirements demanded by virtual merchants (e-tailers), by digital sales platforms and by SMEs, we have structured tailored solutions based on on the needs of our customers.

Adding value to our clients' logistics chain, providing ideas to optimize and facilitate their logistics flow, adapting to their needs.

To become an important player in the logistics field of cargo, e-commerce and international parcels.


Our values define us as the company that we are, that is why we work on them every day.


With the discipline that we have, we manage all our resources to achieve optimal and efficient results, we continually seek competitive and sustainable advantages.


We identify the needs of the market, generating quality solutions.


We are an honest and trustworthy company, we keep our promises. We expect the best from ourselves, our customers and suppliers.


Day by day we work with respect, humility and justice with suppliers, clients and delivery partners. To achieve our goals.


Always with an optimistic long-term vision to achieve the goals, we act with agility.


With justice and equality we work with all our collaborators.


Our pillars are strengthened with our values to be able to achieve success.


With the support of our team of collaborators specialized in the industry, we adapt and cover your needs.


Our technological tools and services that allow you to manage the information of your shipments at all times.


We have technology and services so that your shipments arrive as soon as possible.


Your requirements covered as soon as possible.


Executives at your disposal in each case.


Constancy is a long-term bet in which effort and hope converge.