Access Your HoundExpress REST APIs Account

To start using The HoundExpress REST APIs is necessary to realize your registration on our SABUESO system. When you perform your registration, you will be provided for a client number and a partnerKey token, with which you will have access to the API files, examlpes and available services catalogs, besides other resources that help you to integrate your systems.

Before you begin, make sure that you have:

An approved Partner account. Login credentials to access like a HoundExpress client.

If you have it:

To access your Marketplace developer Partner account click:
The using of The HoundExpress REST API is reserved for users previously registered on Sabueso platform, so prior to making use of the APIs, you must perform it.

Then, please do the register of your develop accounts with your main partner user on: Sign Up

In case of not to be a valid client, please contact us through our contact form, and let your application for registration as a customer. Subsequently, a representative will contact you to track your registration

You need a user with privileges to see the documents

It is important that these documents are reviewed and used by personnel who have knowledge of systems development and experience in the consumption of web services, since the API is a technical specification of consumption and is not a tutorial.

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